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My Little Pony: Princess Luna by Axel-Doi

I do enjoy this peice but if i may say a few words of critique..The moon on the womans dress could use a bit od shading to blend in wit...


You finished your burger and paid for it, leaving a tip for Grillby as well. A few monsters stared as you made your way out of the little pub.
Again, its justified. They don’t know what to make of you yet. Most of them probably had a bad encounter with a human. You wanted them to know you weren’t going to act the same.   

You were relieved to see that the heavy rain had turned into a light sprinkle and walked to your small apartment nearby. You desperately wanted to make it there before nightfall, since the streets were known to get a little dangerous by then. You spotted your apartment complex a few blocks down and sighed with relief.
After walking up the steps and greeting your neighbors Bratty and Catty, you opened the door and plopped onto your bed. The dishes could wait, you needed sleep. You nuzzled against your cool pillow and pulled the blankets over yourself, quickly drifting off to slumberland.
It wasn’t long before you heard someone knocking at your door. You briefly thought of ignoring them and trying to get back to sleep, but heard knocking once again. You sat up and slid your bunny slippers on, walking to the door.
You looked through your peephole and saw that it was your neighbors. This was odd. They never really talked to you, outside of the usual “Good morning”. You wondered what they wanted, so you opened the door.
“Hey, so like.. we were wondering-“ Bratty began.
“If you would, like, want to go to our friend Undyne’s party with us? You totally never go out and stuff, so we thought it would be super cool if you came with. We also kinda need a ride. ” Catty continued

“Catty!” Bratty laughed. “The party starts in thirty minutes and our friend Burgerpants wicked bailed on us. Something about Metatton making him work an extra shift or something.”

“Just let me get ready, alright?” you agreed, still only half awake.
You went into your closet and pulled out a breezy, pastel tie-dye shirt that had tears down the sides. You paired that with high-waisted, white denim shorts and some matching high-top sneakers. All that was left was your hair. You curled it and picked out a few accessories you thought went well with the outfit. You smiled as you looked in the mirror. You had to admit, you looked great.  
You heard them holler at you to hurry up and quickly ran out to meet up with them.
“That outfit is so totally cute!” They said in unison.
“Humans have like, some of the cutest clothes.” Bratty said, Catty nodding in agreement.
You felt your face heat up and thanked them for the compliments. You normally didn’t take so much time to get ready, but you assumed that there’s going to be monsters at the house party. You wanted to look sharp and make good first impressions.
You all hopped into your black Chevrolet and drove towards the party with directions from the cat monster. You pulled up and the music was blaring. Your heart thumped with excitement.
This was your first time going to a house party. You didn’t know what you were going to walk into, so you hoped for the best.
The house was really nice and you took note of the surrounding neighborhood. This was the side of town that was better off financially. Monsters were given less problems when they lived in places like this, so long as they respected the other residents.
A fridge was promptly suplexed out the window, courtesy of Undyne, followed by the cheers of many inebriated monsters. It was fair to say the party was in full swing.
You walked in and saw a little ghost at a DJ booth made out of a coffee table, happily mixing tracks. It really looked like the little guy was enjoying himself. Again, a few monsters stared, but most went about their business at the party.
Moldsmal’s were on the dancefloor jiggling, red solo cups and confetti bits were strewn about the room, and the music was amazing. This was nice, to be honest.
You spotted a punch bowl filled with an odd colored substance and a monster with six arms managing drinks. She had large fangs and multiple eyes, many of which, were glaring at you with annoyance. You smiled at her and picked up a cup, taking a sip of the contents. It tasted sweet at first, followed by the bitter taste of booze. You’d never tasted anything like it.
“So, you like my spider cider?” She grins.
You were about to tell her you liked it, but felt something crawling on the back of your hand. You quickly turned it around to see a small spider. Your heart almost stopped, but you carefully coaxed it into an empty cup and handed it to her.
“O-one of your little friends latched onto my cup..” you said, letting out a nervous laugh.
Her annoyed glare softened into one of surprise when she saw you hadn’t killed it.
“Sorry about that. They’re social little buggers.” She giggled.
“Muffet! We like, think its super cool of you to volunteer to hand out drinks.”  Bratty said in her valley girl accent.
“Yea! We like, never expected you to be this nice.” Catty said bluntly.
“Oh don’t be silly! I’m not here giving up my time for free. I’m getting paid by the hour. Not to mention I’m getting paid for providing the drinks and food.” Muffet corrected the two.
Normally, you would stick to familiar faces in a situation like this, but the thought of seeing any more spiders made your skin crawl. For now, you decided to look around and see if you could muster up the courage to strike up a conversation. 
“Hey.” You heard a familiar gravelly voice so close it almost made you jump out of your skin. Even with the music blaring, you heard it clear as day.
“Lookin’ sharp, pal.” Sans said with amusement.
“Th-thanks.” You quickly regained your composure and tried to save face. He clearly wasn’t buying it, seeing as his toothy grin only grew.
“So how’d you hear about this little get together?” He asked you, handing you another cup of hard spider cider.
“My neighbors Bratty and Catty needed a ride, so they invited me.” You answered. It wasn’t until you said it out loud that you realized how bad that sounded on their part.
“They’re nice, and I’m enjoying myself. I-it was nice of them.” You followed up quickly, not wanting to give someone the wrong idea about them. “Besides, I never had an excuse to wear this outfit.” You smiled awkwardly.  
“Well, as long as you’re havin’ a good time, I guess.” He shrugged. “Wanna dance? I’ll ulna take yes as an answer.” The stocky skeleton stretched his hand out to you, nudging his head towards the dancefloor. You weren’t that good at dancing, but you couldn’t say no to such a cheesy bone pun. You quickly gulped down your liquid courage and followed him to the dancefloor with a burning feeling lingering in your throat.
He lead you to the beat of the music until you got the hang of it and let you do your thing when he saw you were a little more comfortable. You went to grab his hand to keep dancing with him, but he decided to play a mean little prank. Mid dance, you popped his arm off at the joint. You felt his arm go limp in your hand and immediately started to panic and apologize, face completely tinted red. The expression on your face made him laugh with a volume you didn’t think he had in him. He stretched his hand out, still laughing, and took his severed arm from you, popping it back into place. He showed you that all his phalanges still worked by flexing them. Once the feeling of panic left you, you were able to laugh at the little practical joke.
“Aww, that was mean!” you giggled, shoving him playfully.
He pointed to a bone of his and smirked.
“You know you thought it was humerus.” He chuckled.
“Do you ever run out of puns?” You asked, visibly more relaxed.
“Nah. I got a skele-TON of ‘em.” He winks.
You wonder what you did to deserve this onslaught of lame puns.
“I walked right into that one.” You groaned with fake irritation, smile painted on your face despite your sounds of protest.
“You totally did, tibia honest.” He snickers.
“Oh my god, stoooop.” You whined, laughing.
“You like them, don’t fib..ia.” he finishes, sticking a glowing blue tongue out at you.
You absolutely needed to “ketchup” with him, so you pulled up a cheat sheet on your phone discreetly. A grin grew on your face once you spotted what you needed.
“I do love your jokes. Pa-tella me more.” You reply triumphantly. It was time to even out the scores.
“Not bad. It would be better if you didn’t have a cheat sheet, though.” He smirked.
You were caught. Flustered, you put away your phone. Damn it! How was he so perceptive?!
“To be fair, it takes a bit of creativity for bone puns to work. I have to give credit where it’s due.” He patted your back. “So don’t worry. I’m just Ribbing ya.”
It only took two conversations with the guy to come to the conclusion that he is the coolest person you will ever meet.

Undertale Shipping Chart! c: by DarkRoseTheHedgie
Undertale Shipping Chart! c:

* Agore x Toriel
This is my absolute OTP. If I had to choose just one, this would be it. They were just so adorable in the True Lab VHS Tapes and the way Gerson described it, they sounded so in love. It broke my heart that Toriel didn't forgive him.. Goat Dad basically lost everything and is the fandoms punching bag for the things he did. I swear sometimes I think they treat him worse than they do Chara. Goat Dad needs love and I think Toriel is just the person to give it to him <3 NOSE NUZZLE CHAMPS 4 LYFEEE

* Alphys x Undyne
This one is self explanatory, canon, and cute as fuck. How could you not ship  Butch Fish and Otakusaurus Rex?   

* Asriel x Frisk
Firstly, Asriel has been through so much, the poor bby. D: Frisk is just so full of love (not lv) and they could be his rock. I really like the idea of Asriel living again and falling in love with Frisk after they were so nice to him and comforted him. Someone with a heart of gold to replace the toxic friendship Goat Baby had with Sata- Er, I mean Chara..

* Metatton x Papyrus
I love the idea of both of these cuties stroking eachother's egos to hell and back. Also, Papyrus, being the cute little cinnamon roll that he is would progressively rub off on Metatton and help him not be such a gawddamn Diva all the time. It would start off with Paps noticing his partners attitude towards others, lead to a falling out where Metatton realizes he fucked up and lost Paps in the process and ends with Metatton changing his ways, treating his staff a little nicer, giving his fans a little more attention and getting Paps back while being totally overdramatic in the process. Yus <3

* Sans x Ophelia (My Oc, I'm so sorry TT__TT)
Well, my OC is an uber timid sheep who's in love with hearing people laugh and laughing, so she really envies and admires Sans people skills. I think he'd kinda bring her out of her shell and help her not be such a nervous wreck by making her laugh in social settings. Also, she'd knit him sweaters and shit, so yea. Oh and they would totes pig out together. Please don't hate me. ;-;


* Chara x Frisk
I know, it makes absolutely no fucking sense, but Ive seen fanart and I ended up really liking this, even though it would be a super toxic relationship.

* Asriel x Chara/ Chara x Flowey
I figure they have alot of history, y'know? It wouldn't surprise me if Asriel had a crush on them at one point. They were best friends and Asriel did kinda follow their lead a little blindly, leading to both their deaths. I think it could have been his love for them that made him follow their plan without much thought into it. So sad what happened to them both.. :(

* Frisk x Monster Kid
Again, the fanart won me over. They are so adorable and since I don't think Asriel is much of an option considering the fact that he's dead, MK is the second best option. He's an okay age so it isn't totally weird, He really seems to like Frisk by the way MK follows them around and talks to them and he couldn't even bring himself to insult Frisk that well when he was trying to hate them. Bless this couple <3

* Sans x Alphys
Before you tell me my ship is crack.. I know this. I just think two science geeks dating while they worked for Gaster woulda been cute <3

* Metatton x Muffet
Again, total crack ship. However, I think Muffet and Metatton would get along so great. They would get into so many sass competitions with eachother and totally hate-date.


* Metatton x Sans
I don't get this ship. I'm cool with it, but I don't understand it.

*Asgore x Metatton
Well, I don't think Asgore is gay, firstly. His heart is still totally set on Toriel. But hey, Its cute. Meh.

DISLIKE: (Disclaimer: I dont mean to step on anyones toes. Beyond this point, I might offend you with my lame opinion. Feel free to tell me why you agree or disagree though. Im open to new thoughts and ideas. Please, dont take my opinion too seriously.)

*Papyrus x Undyne
I really don't like this ship. They're just buds, guys! D: I cant see them as anything else, no matter how hard I try. They're best buds and Alphys and Undyne are totally going out post pacifist route. Paps certainly has the passion she said she was so interested in, but Alphys and Undyne already have a thing. Undyne was trying to confess to Alphys, not Papyrus. I honestly dont see why anyone would ship them with anyone but eachother since they only show interest in each other and I doubt they'd end up breaking up with eachother. Its the same with RG01 x RG02. I cant see them with anyone but eachother.

HATE: (Please dont kill me ;-; )

*Sans x Toriel
ITS EVERYWHERE. Also, alot of Soriel fanart normally has Asgore as the punchline and it really fucking sucks. Dude lost his kids and his wife. Quit acting like Toriel is the only one suffering from this plz. Also, Toriel is not Mother Teresa. She's messed up too. People seem to forget she abandoned her entire kingdom and left it in the hands of the less competent ruler (Its been stated that she was the brains when it came to ruling the kingdom.) Not to mention she's incredibly fucking harsh. Like, holy shit. Firing Alphys after finding out about the experiments (Talk to the bear in snowdin after finishing the pacifist route and going all the way back. The one that says: Thaaaats politics!), Leaving her husband for doing what needed to be done and collecting souls to break the barrier (Even with her plan to take one soul and cross the barrier, kill some humans out there, bring the souls back, she was still suggesting murder. So which is it? You DONT want your husband to kill and free your people, or you DO want your husband to kill and free your people? Be it child or adult, you're still taking a life in the end.) and that froggit at the beginning of the game was probably scared of her for a reason. I love goat mom, but people need to realize that she's pretty at fault here too. If anything, I think Tori and Gorey should figure their shit out, realize both of them fucked up and save their relationship. But maybe thats just wishful thinking.

Rant over.
Reminder: Its just my opinion. Put your pitchforks down and put your torches away.

Shipping Chart (c)  :iconmakd7889:

Most people would be shocked or frightened feeling a bony arm wrap around them in the middle of the night, but it was something you grew to love and look forward to every night.
When the barrier broke and the monsters were set free, many changes came to pass and new faces were abundant. You, being the weird little person you are, loved this change. Your life had come to be monotonous and amounted to a routine of waking up, going to college, working and sleeping. A change was exactly what you needed. The chaos brought about by some monsters was weirdly refreshing and welcomed. Welcomed by you, at least.
You lived in a less progressive area of the world, so of course there was some prejudice against the ex-residents of the Underground. As was the case with many minorities, some people couldn’t bring themselves to accept the diverse creatures that shared the land with us now and lashed out with hate crimes.
What’s even sadder is some people stood around and watched this sort of thing happen and refused to testify in court.  Those people were no better.
You turned in your sleep, carefully wrapping your arms around a big boned skeleton. Cuddling with a skeleton wasn’t easy at first, but with much practice, you learned to do so in a way that wouldn’t accidentally break bones or make this uncomfortable for either of you.  
Over time, you learned he liked it when you’d run your fingers over the Spinous Processes of his spine and he absolutely loved feeling your fingers threaded through his Transverse Processes.
Dating a skeleton helped you learn a thing or two about anatomy, which made biology a breeze. When you’d ask what a bone on his body was called, he’d chuckle and answer with a terrible pun, which in turn had you rolling your eyes and giggling. This was normally followed by a groan of annoyance from his younger brother, Papyrus.
You couldn’t believe how much your life had changed in a few years.

It started out as a cloudy day and ended in rain when you were finally done with your classes. It was pouring down heavily and you decided to wait it out in a nearby pub. There was no way in hell you were going to walk home in this weather. Maybe you could grab a bite to eat while you waited for it to clear.

The second you stepped inside, you felt an intense warmth washing over you. This was so much better than the ice cold rain that was pouring down on you only moments ago. The heat was starting to make you feel a little suffocated, so you removed your scarf and your favorite oversized sweater and hung it on the coatrack at the entrance. Without it, you immediately started to feel a little self-conscious. You considered putting it back on, but something caught your eye before you reached for it. Many things, in fact.
Firstly, the bartender was on fire. You had a moment of absolute panic, before realizing that nobody paid any attention to this, including him. It clicked in your head that this must be one of the monsters from the underground, as he went about his business like nothing was wrong and wiped away at a beer mug.
Second, there were monsters everywhere.  This made you a little excited. You hadn’t gotten the chance to really talk to any monsters, since they kept to themselves and avoided eye contact if you tried to start a conversation. The relationship between humans and monsters was tense, so you understood this behavior. You wouldn’t hold it against them.
Third, most eyes were on you when you walked through the door. It made your stomach churn. You figured you’d make the best of this awkward situation and mustered up the courage to sit at one of the empty barstools.
You greeted the bartender and ordered a burger, making sure to be polite. You appreciated that he was professional and didn’t stare like everyone else seemed to be doing.
After a while, the crowd stopped paying so much attention to you and continued their conversations. This eased your nerves greatly.
You heard the bell at the entrance go off like it had for you, followed by greetings towards this “Sans” person from the many monsters that filled the pub. You were curious, so you turned your head to get a peek at this them.  A pair of white pinpricks you could only assume were eyes glanced at you briefly.

Phalanges delicately wrapped around the fluffy border of its hood, pulling it down to reveal a skeletal face. Your face flushed when you realized you were staring and you quickly spun around, only to find your burger on its way. You thanked the fire monster, picking up your burger from its plate. You heard a voice beside you speak up.
“Want some ketchup on that?” it said, voice deep and gravely.
You were startled, to say the least. Most patrons in there would estimate you jumped about an inch or two out of your stool. His seemingly permanent grin only grew.
“N-no, thank you.” You put your burger down and turned to face him.
“This is your chance to talk to a monster, make the best of it.” You thought.
He shrugged, screwing the cap off the ketchup bottle and chugging it. You grimaced, slightly disgusted.
This earned you a laugh from him.  
“The name’s Sans. What’s yours?”
You told him your name with a little more confidence, stretching your hand out to meet his. Immediately, the sound of a wet fart emitted from his hand, taking you by surprise. You laughed.
“Cute gag.” You comment with a smile, relaxing a little more around the skeleton. He had a way of making you feel so relaxed around him, even though you just met the guy. He clearly had practice melting away stress.
“Thanks, I try.” He looks to your plate, then gets the attention of the bartender.
“Could I get a burg too, Grillby?”
Grillby simply nods, penning down the order and using a clothespin to place it on a string of orders for the cooks.
“You liking the surface so far?” You decided to ask while his burger was being made. You immediately started wondering whether or not that was appropriate to ask.
He took note of the concern on your face after the words flew out of your mouth, acting nonchalant to avoid making you worry.
“Yeah. It’s a nice change from constant snow. The stars are really neat, too.”
His answer warmed your heart. You hadn’t taken it into consideration that a lot of them hadn’t seen the stars before. Also, constant snow?
“Well, there’s plenty to see. Hope you enjoy what the surface has to offer.” You smile brightly.  Again, you thought of what you just said and felt as if you were being awkward. Maybe coming here was a bad idea. However instead of showing discomfort, he nodded, grin slightly widening.
“Wish it was a little warmer here, though. Weather’s got me chilled to the bone.”
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help snickering.
You picked up on a faint buzzing sound coming from his pocket. He pulled out his cellphone and flipped it open to answer.
“Mhmm.. Yeah. Alright, Paps. Be there in a few. Can’t let you get all BONEly, now can I?” He smirked. You swear you heard and exasperated sigh from the other end of the phone.
 “Sorry, gotta go. Bro needs his bedtime story.” He explained.
You beamed as you got an idea. Quickly, you pulled apart your burger and pulled out a lettuce leaf.
“Lettuce finish this conversation another time, then?” You laughed at your own joke.
He pulls out another bottle of ketchup out of his jacket and takes a swig before answering.
“Not bad, but you’re gonna need some work if you wanna ketchup to me.” He winked and slid out of his seat. “Can you put it on my tab, Grillby?”
The flaming bartender nodded and the short skeleton waved goodbye at you lazily.
Suddenly, this place didn’t feel so bad.

Sans x Reader Chapter 1
(Couldn't think of a title >.< You can help me think of one, if you want c: )
Well, this is my attempt at writing Undertale fanfictions. Tell me what you think! If people think its good, I might write another chapter!~
I probably shouldn't have uploaded this :,D


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Journal History

I got tagged by: :iconkurokage-san:

 1. Whats your favourite Colour?
Blue~ Always been drawn to it. But I also like pinks and oranges and greens. I like all the colors c: <3
2. Favourite Quote?
I can’t think of it right now.. D:
3. Favourite animal?
Pekingese dogs. Any wrinkly dog. Yissssss <3
4. What do you think of my drawings?
It’s a really creative style and it looks hard to recreate o: Fantastic~ <3
  1.  5. Which of my drawings is the best~
    I’m gonna have to say.. This one.
     PANDA HERO -South Parked- by KuroKage-San
    I love the reference to the dying giraffe signal and he looks so cool~ ^.^
    6. Favourite Anime?
    Naruto? I guess? Its good.. –doesn’t watch much anime- ^_^’’
    7. What’s your favorite food?
    Breaded mushroooooooms~ <3 <3 <3 Or crabmeat rangoons o: <3
    8. Is humans destroying earth?
    In a way, yea XD
    9. Did you take my cookies =_=?
    -wipes crumbs off the corner of her mouth- Um.. ;w;
    10. Do you wanna build a snowman~? >w<
    No. Fuck off.

    1. Favorite art style?
    I love cartoons, galaxy patterns and hipster/pastel goth fashion. *o*
    2. Favorite snack?
    Pocky c:
    3. Monocrome or colorful?
    Both! But if I have to choose.. Colors, please!
    4. Favorite South Park character?

    Kyle or Butters.. Don’t make me pick, plz. ;-;
    5. Opinions on PC Principal?
    Love him. Love the recent stuff in South Park. It’s so funny and true. Lol
    6. If you could go on a rendezvous with any fictional character ever, who would it be?
    Sans. Sans in a fucking HEARTBEAT.
    7. 4 ever OTP?Crack or legit, anythong, man.
    I cant. I cant pick.. Don’t make me pick just one.. TT____TT
    8. How would you like to die?Kekeke.
    Well, you only do it once, right? Make it bloody >:D
    9. What’s the last thing you’d like to eat before your death?
    Both of my favorite foods. C:
    10.What’s your thoughts on Yanderes?
    They’re so cute! ^.^
    11.would you maybe one night stand with me imserri-
    Gib it to me bby. 
    (Was I suppose to answer these? >.< I don't know..or was I suppose to add a question?.. Oh gawd.. ;-; )
    (Im doing both, just in case.)
    12. Who is someone you look up to? o:
    I tag you guys:
    Anyone who wants to do it! C:

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