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The Awesomest Artists In My Opinion X3


My Little Pony: Princess Luna by Axel-Doi

I do enjoy this peice but if i may say a few words of critique..The moon on the womans dress could use a bit od shading to blend in wit...


Despite the beads of sweat rolling down your face and the fact that you felt like you could pass out on the dancefloor, you continued to dance. Soon, you felt his fingers trailing over your curves, only to stop at your plump belly and gently squeeze it, almost in admiration. This feeling made you shiver, making you slowly regain your composure and become self aware. What on earth and alternia were you doing grinding up against this anonymous troll's bulge to the beat of each song the Dj played? What were you, a fat, socially awkward human doing thinking you had any semblance of a chance to fit in or look attractive to such a gorgeous troll? Your breath hitched and you gingerly pulled his arms away from your plump form, fighting back the urge to cry then and there.

"What's with all my stupid decisions lately?.." you found yourself thinking before running off as fast as you possibly could. Once you stepped out of the club, the cold air hit you, and suddenly, the alcohol you drank before you took the Matesprite Mindfuck hit you like a freight train. Ontop of the tears blurring your vision was the alcohol preventing you from walking in a straight line. You leaned against the brick wall from the next building over, trying to catch your breath and hold back the urge to throw up. You were drunk, body still throbbing pleasantly due to the drug that still hadnt left your system. The effects were begining to wear off, allowing your better judgement to return to you.
You pulled out your car keys and headed towards your car, trying to aim for the lock despite the alcohol and tears blurring your vision. Just then, you feel a gentle tap on your shoulder, making you jump. You turned your head, only to see the one person you were hoping wouldnt see you trying to make an escape.
"If you're thinking about driving while you're fucked up on Gamzee'th mix, Im going to have to take thothe keyth from you." he grinned, reaching for the keys in your hand. He took them out of your hand and spun you around. "I didnt thcare you off, did I?.." he teased, before turning you around to face him. He froze at the sight of your tears. "Hey, are you crying?.." he asked, his teasing tone replaced by that of pure concern. You sniffled, trying not to dry your eyes of tears or your makeup would smear.
"Nah, dont worry about it.." you said softly, trying to regain your composure. He tilted your head up with his index finger, tugging his glasses down to get a better look at your face. You noted that his eyes were the same color as his glasses.
"I'd appreciate it if you didnt lie to me." he frowned. "Now, what'th making you tho thad? Did the MM get you all emotional? Gamzee getth like that too, dont worry.." he snickers.
"Its stupid..dont worry about it. You didnt have to stop having fun to come and check on me, really.." you said, feeling guilty about pulling him out of the fun.
"Im not a people perthon..and from what Ive theen, neither are you." he smiled.
"Really? You arent a people person?..You coulda fooled me." you replied with genuine surprise.
"It's the MM. I took a thot too. You were probably too fucked up to notice." he laughed.
"Which is another thing..You could have warned me! I didnt know it was spiked!" you said, raising your voice.
"You had fun, didn't you? Jutht enjoy a good thing and dont quethtion it." he shot back, with a hint of annoyance.
"It was fun, till you started to feel me up!" your face began to heat up.
"You didnt thee me flip my thit over you grinding on my bulge, hypocrite." he stuck his tongue out and winked.
"Did you do it out of pity or are you really so fucking desperate that you flirt with someone like me?.." you blurted out, your rising anger throwing you back into self loathing.
"Now what the fuck ith that thuppothe to mean?" he growled. "Dont tell came out here becauthe you thought I wath throwing you a bone?.."Sollux asked you, his anger rising. He stood up, pulling you up with him. Sollux leaned you against the brick wall and caught your lips in a rough, desire-filled kiss. He pulled away, keeping you pinned with his psiionics. "The Matethprite Mindfuck ith out of my thythtem, and I can tell you for a fact, its not human pity." he trailed soft kisses down your neck, hands sliding down your sides like they had before. His claw-like nails took a hold of your waist, digging into your sides, and making you arch into his body.
Your cheeks turned red at his sudden assault of kisses and the lack of space between the two of you. Every place he touched seemed to trigger a meek noise from your lips. "Im addicted to the way you feel againtht my body..tho warm and thoft.." he purred, once again playing with your plump belly,despite your shy protests. The way he felt you up made you shutter and with every kiss, no matter how gentle, you could always feel his twin fangs prodding against your skin. "How humanth are athamed of having thuch cute, full frameth ith beyond me.." he said, drinking up your pleasure filled expression with a smirk upon his face. You were like putty in his hands, and he thought it was the cutest thing. "Thtill think Im throwing you a bone?.." he asked, grin plastered on his face. He released you from his psiionics and kissed your lips as gently as he possibly could.
"No." was all you could reply. You were in shock and you could feel your head spinning from the intense affection.

"Well, We Were Going To Ask For A Ride Home.. However, It Appears You're A Bit Entertained By Our Friend Sollux." Kanaya giggled, having walked out with a neon paint covered Nepeta behind her.

"Pawlux! (Y/N)! Furr goodness sake, get a room!" Nepeta blushed and giggled, her olive color rising to her cheeks. "Or dont, you two are adorable! Why couldnt you two be cute together earlier! I updated my shipping wall just yesterday!" Nepeta huffed, crossing her arms. "The sacrifices I make for you people sometimes!" she rolled her eyes and giggled.

"How long have you two been there, exactly?.." You asked, face tinted bright red.
It was stupid of you to come in the first place. Everywhere you went you felt insecure, so why didnt your thinkpan stop you from listening to your friends? You were a hermit by nature, or at least you felt like why in the hell did you let your friends talk you into going to a rave in the first place? You enjoyed the music, loved it, in fact, but that didnt change the fact that you felt out of place on the dancefloor and you were bored of sitting in the booths by the bar. Had your friend Nepeta not taken your phone in hopes that you'd join the rest of them on the dance floor, you could have spent this time on your Pesterchum, whining to a friend about how uncomfortable you felt here. It didnt help that you were in trashy looking booty shorts and a purposely torn black shirt with a white top beneath it, displaying more skin than you'd like. You were fat, and you continuously argued with your friends about the outfit they picked out for you, but they weren't hearing any of it. Kanaya insisted that it suited your curves well and Nepeta was concerned about the lack of glowsticks on you, which she quickly fixed.
You ordered another shot of tequilla, tapping your foot to the beat of a techno song.  You wanted to go out there and dance so bad, but you were so self conscious that you decided against it. You watched everyone with envy as they moved to the beat of the music, making a fire burn in you that you thought you could drown in alcohol. Beside you, a troll with two pairs of horns bobbed his head to the music. He looked alot like the DJ playing and remixing the tracks that had everyone jumping. After taking your fourth shot of the night, he tapped you on your shoulder, a smirk plastered on his lips. "You look a little tenth.." he said with a heavy lisp. The alcohol was getting to your head, making your response to this a little slower than normal.
"Not that social, y'know?" You said, looking at your empty shot glass. You raised your hand, trying to get the attention of the bartender, but before he could see you, the troll lowered your hand.
"From the looks of all those shot glatheth by you, you're well on your way to getting fucked I right?.." he asked before you had a chance to question his action.
You nodded slowly, pulling your hand away from his after noting that it lingered there a little too long for comfort. You felt your face heat up. He was rather cute, so you found yourself looking over at his face every so often. What stood out the most to you were his red and blue glasses and his snakebite piercings. "Hey, TC!" he called to the bartender, who approached him with a cloth and a  beer mug at hand.
"Hey! How's you motherfucker?" His friend chuckled. After getting a better view of the bartender, you noticed that he was wearing clown makeup and he now had slim glowsticks of every color wrapped around his large horns.
 "Ive been pretty good, actually. Hey, can you get me a Matethprite Mindfuck?" The Troll sitting by you asked, his twin set of fangs poking out of his upper lip. You looked at him quizzically, to which he responded with: "You're going to love thith..". Within seconds, his friend pulled out a yellow jar of a substance that looked like ordinary honey, followed by a green jar filled with a thicker, green substance. He expertly layered the green goo and the honey, then topped it off with an ordinary sprite soda. Once the drink was mixed, he poured out a few shots from the mixure in the larger flask. You looked at the mixture with curiousity, before downing it. It only took seconds for the substance to hit your system, being human and all. You found yourself being led to the dance floor by the troll from earlier. You didnt hesitate like before. Your body never felt so amazing.
Despite the hundreds of people on the dancefloor, all you could focus on was the magical sensation rippling through your body that very moment. You danced like you had done in front of the mirror so many times, dropping low in sync with the beat. Confidence radiated from you like you were born a cheeky motherfucker. The twin-horned troll from earlier, adorned in glowsticks danced along with you, arms locked around your thick waist. Your cheeks burned hot, and through your hazey, hallucination  filled vision, you could swear you saw a yellow tint on his cheeks.
"A yellow blood, huh?" You thought, before this thought was washed away by the colorful lazers and glowsticks waving around in mindblowing patterns. You had trouble deciding which is more beautiful, the man holding you from behind, moving to the rhythm with you in his arms, or the visuals created by whatever this troll decided to put in your system. Either way, you couldnt have enjoyed yourself more that night. You were drowning in euphoria and forgot about your body being larger than others. You acknowledged it, but you just stopped caring for the night. There were only three things you cared about now: This nameless troll, the phat beats that the Yellowblood DJ was throwing down and the neon colors surrounding you.
Sollux x Chubby!Reader: Fuel to the Fire
Got fucked up one day and decided to write this ;P I thought it was pretty good, so I decided to share it~
Comment if you want a part II :iconpervysolluxplz: :iconsolluxplz: or hell, recommend another reader x troll at the club~
Sollux Captor, Gamzee Makara, Kanaya Maryam, Nepeta Leijon and all other trolls (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
You (c) ..You? I think..XD… <-- music to listen to while reading this~ -what I pictured mituna playing at the club-


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